Weekly Meal Plan

I had several comments in favor of seeing more of our meal plans, so here’s our plan for the next 2 weeks:

  • Black Bean & Sweet Potato Enchiladas (we never made this off of our last plan, so still have much of the needed items)
  • Chipotle & Lime Chicken (from the book Today’s Creative Crockpot – TCC)
  • Apple Chicken Curry (TCC)
  • French Beef Burgundy (TCC)
  • Turkey (I’ve got a turkey in the freezer from last fall) & fixin’s
  • Turkey Tetrazzini (with the leftovers)
  • Chile Verde (this is a “cheater” recipe I’ve developed over the years, pork chunks & green enchilada sauce, misc. other stuff too)
  • Ginger Pork w/Pineapple (I’m going to attempt to make something up here….it may involve Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki Sauce)
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup (my own “recipe”, usually it’s a little different every time, I just throw stuff together)
  • Zesty Burger Soup
  • Korean Tacos (this is in the crockpot right now!) – this is another one that was on my last list but we never got around to making it.
  • Messy Mexican (we made this for house church last night and it got good reviews from kids & adults!)

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