Meal Plan

I’ve been talking on Facebook about meal planning & grocery shopping, so thought I’d post my meal list for the next few weeks.

My challenge lately is that I am eating gluten-free, so I do my best to choose things that are easy for me to sub in a GF whatever when necessary.  For instance, I’ll have corn tortillas with the Korean Tacos instead of flour.  But it’s much harder when I choose meals that are pasta-heavy or have lots of other bread/flour/gluten items as a main ingredient.  And my other challenge is that the teenagers are so busy and Alex is working 2nd shift, so that often means our “sit-down” dinner is me, the 2 little boys and 1 or 2 of the big kids.  Then an hour or 2 later, the other kids trickle in and heat & eat when they get here.  So everything I make has to be easy to keep warm or easily reheatable and not something that is in the “cook and serve right away” category.

As usual, the list is mostly things that our family has had before and I know they enjoy, but a few new recipes to keep things interesting.  The new recipes above are noted with **.  I’m also doing my best to incorporate a few meatless meals now and then.


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